The Salisbury and South Wilts District Scout Grose Trophy took place on Sunday 16th October 2022 in the Abbots Well / Frogham area near Fordingbridge. The competition involves Scouts in Patrols navigating between a number of check points in a circular route. At each of these check points the Scouts are given a task or challenge to complete on which they are marked out of ten points. The winner of the competition is the Patrol who gains the most points.

This year fifteen teams competed meaning that around eighty local Scouts took part in a test of their Scouting Skills. The route comprised of fifteen check points around a six mile route.

This fifteen minute check point bases included; Cross the minefield, build an improvised stretcher, Ski’s and get the ball through the tubes, boil a kelly kettle, first aid, tea making, map signs, knot tying, cross the lava field on three planks, a treasure hunt, human sheep herding, build an A Frame and carry a Scout, hippo bag racing and retrieve an object from a distance.

The fifteen check points all run by volunteer Leaders and helpers gave a possible total of 150 points. The winners of the competition were a team from the Bourne Valley Idmiston Troop who scored a total of 135 points.

The trophy is named after Lt Col D.C.E. Grose DSO who presented the trophy in 1929 ‘For annual competition by Troops’ (Scout Troops). The first competition was held in 1930 and was won by the 3rd Salisbury. The competition also ran through the Second World War years with the exception of 1939.