Fundraising for our Camp Site still continues. Thanks for all the support received from
so many individuals and groups. This month we have £65,141.82 in the bank towards
out £150,000 target.

Books, DVD’s CD’s, old Coins and Bank notes continue to arrive and
raise funds. We estimate the Wilton Mayors Appeal has raised £4300 through
Book/Dvd sales which will be split between the Camp Site Quest and Wilton Group. Old
bank notes last month raised over £300 plus we managed to cash in old Spanish Pesetas
before they are demonetised on the 1st of June. We have also received a donation of
£300 from Salisbury Rotary Club.

As I write this the Bags2School collection being organised by 1st Laverstock Leaders is underway, but the Car
boot sale was cancelled due to inclement weather.

Lastly spare a thought for six year old Beaver Scout Lilly Douglas. She was so brave at the Dentist having two
teeth filled that her Grandma has donated £40 towards our funds. That is a future Scout who has a real stake in
our future Camping Ground.
Camp Site Quest Team.