Scouts from the 4th Salisbury (Harnham) Scout Group took part in an event called Strategy over the weekend of 23 – 25th June in over 3,000 acres with a mix of woodland and fields at Cirencester Park with kind permission from the Bathurst Estate. Over 2700 people attended the event with over 2000 participants in 336 teams.

Strategy is a multi-activity challenge hike consisting of 30 bases of varying difficulty and complexity set around the 3,000 acre site.

Each challenge will earn a different amount of points and as a team you will have to plan your route and decide which challenges to visit in the allotted time to score the most points. This year bases included supermarket sweep, making a map of Britain, blindfold string trail, rock climbing, inflatable axe throwing, make the bucket weigh 2 kg, pass the whole team through a piece of paper, nail painting, a kit check, CPR and throwing tea bags into cups.

One of the teams from the 4th Salisbury finished in 12th place in this national Scout and Explorer Scout event.

There is a companion event on the following weekend for Cub Scouts called Evolution, hence the overall event is called Strategy and Evolution.