Patch’s Parade, 26th May at 11am, Milford Street Bridge to Market Square

Patch is a giant who lives beneath Milford Street Bridge and is very, very shy. Patch loves looking at the wonderful murals painted on the walls but dreams of venturing out into the exciting city of Salisbury to meet other giants. This isn’t going to be any ordinary Sunday though…music is playing, there are dancers in the street and with help from Penguin, Patch feels brave enough to step out on a big adventure.

Join this magical pair on a spectacular journey of friendship and discovery into the city – anyone and everyone can join in, so grab your spot along the Parade on Sunday 26th May at 11am and join us for this epic day out!

Patch’s Parade | Wiltshire Creative

Want to get involved? Join us for our Discovery Day on Saturday 2nd March, 10am-1:30pm at Salisbury Playhouse.

At over six metres tall and with an army of 9 puppeteers, the awe-inspiring Patch and trusted penguin pal will travel the Salisbury streets, swathed in stunning patchwork costumes (handmade by community makers, from recycled materials) heralded by over 100 local musicians and dancers rocking the route. At Market Square, the original Salisbury Giant, Christopher joins in and we need YOU to bring the parade to life.

Join us for our Discovery Day where you will learn more about Patch’s Parade, how to get involved and can take part in free taster workshops. We are looking for singers, movers, musicians, puppeteers, makers, and chaperones! Find out more via the link below:

Discovery Day | Wiltshire Creative