A few updates:

District Navigation Exercise – Sunday 06 March

As this is fast approaching and the weather conditions are better we need to have a look round for a route. I suggest the Abbotts Well area again as there are lots of alternatives. Please can I have some volunteers and your availability for a walk around. This will not be a competition and I think the idea is that Troops will walk around the route (with their Leaders) navigating to specific locations where we will leave a letter or number. When all points have been reached then the Scouts can work out the anagram.We will also need to walk the route on Saturday 05th to put the checkpoint markers in place, so some more volunteers please. We maybe need big wooden tent pegs painted to show up and with letters on them.

Jamboree on the Trail (JOTT) – Saturday 14 May

Don’t forget to register your Troop and plan your hike. You could go for the more adventurous night hike! Details at https://jott.org.uk/

District Raft Races – Sunday 03 July

It looks like the river at the back of DMH is earmarked for the new flood prevention scheme, so I don’t think that this will be a viable option.

Mark Warner

ADC Scouts